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Total Life Planning 是马来西亚富贵集团旗下发展最快的组织之一。 从2009年加入富贵集团,代理伙伴从2个人开始一路成长到目前的2600位代理伙伴,通过Total Life Planning 创办人30年的丰富业务及服务经验,在2017年成立 Total Life Planning, 把独特完善的富贵成功秘诀系统化,更在近几年创造了富贵创业成功天龙八步,让我们在短短几年里共栽培了 10 业务发展总监, 301 位业务总监和 48 位区服务总监 ,让代理伙伴们在这里实现富贵人生!

Total Life Planning is one of the largest Agencies in Nirvana Asia covering Bereavement Care Services. Started in 2009 with only 2 members and we grew to our current 2600 members including 10 Business Development Directors, 301 Service Directors & 48 District Service Directors from all over Malaysia in the last 14 years.

Currently, we are known as the fastest growing agency with more than 66 Million new business created in 2021 and 98 million new business created in 2022! Total Life Planning has been the First Runner-up BDD Agency In Nirvana Asia for the year of 2019 & 2020. In 2021, Total Life Planning has successfully to stand out among all and be the Champion BDD Agency for Nirvana Central Region, Nirvana Malaysia as well as for the whole group in Nirvana Asia Pacific.

In 2022, being the newly promoted as Chief Business Development Director (CBDD), Annie Lim has achieved the 2nd Runner-up CBDD in Nirvana Asia within Central Region in Malaysia.

About Founder

Annie Lim

Annie Lim, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Total Life Planning.

She holds a Honours Degree, BA Econ. (Hons) from University Malaya. She is also a Senior Professional Estate Planner for more than 14 years with a Malaysia established Estate Planning company.

Prior to joining this holistic life planning industry in 2009, Annie Lim was the former Deputy Managing Director with a well known UK based Consulting firm, Neville-Clarke Malaysia to lead the company in providing Training & Consultancy Services on various International Quality Management Systems (ISO).


Our Leaders

Currently we have 48 District Service Directors (DSD) representing their own respective Nirvana agency. We started with 4 DSD in 2017 and have grown to 48 DSD and 10 BDDs as of now. We have 12 newly promoted BDDs in 2023.

Our Services

Funeral Service

Nirvana Life Plan 生命圆满契约

福地 & 骨灰殿
Burial Plots & Columbaria

Exceptional resting places of unrivalled distinction 清幽恬适之归宿

Other Products

Pets Memorial Garden 宠物墓园
NV Seed 龙龟生基园
Anchestral Tablet 神主牌位
Eternal Blessing Lights 光明灯

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