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Our Services

Funeral Service

Nirvana Life Plan 生命圆满契约

福地 & 骨灰殿
Burial Plots & Columbaria

Exceptional resting places of unrivalled distinction 清幽恬适之归宿

Other Products

Pets Memorial Garden 宠物墓园
NV Seed 龙龟生基园
Anchestral Tablet 神主牌位
Eternal Blessing Lights 光明灯

Our Experience 我们的服务案例

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Total Life Planning 提供一站式全方位人生规划服务,目前已有超过15年的顾问经验,栽培超过2,000名富贵专员!最重要的是, 我们也成功帮助了超过10,000多家庭完成事前规划!

With more than 15 years of consulting experiences in providing holistic Bereavement Planning Services, we have successfully trained and build more than 2,000 agents and also helped them to grow their career path in Nirvana.

We are constantly looking for passionate and talented individuals to join our business in Holistic Life Planning. We are committed to assist and provide full support through our agency system internally. Contact us now to learn more about career opportunities.

Visit for more info: https://nirvana-memorial.com/

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